Breede Valley Local Municipality (WC025)

Contact details

Postal: Private Bag X3046, Worcester, 6849
Physical: 30 Baring Street, Worcester
Tel: 023 348 2600
Fax: 023 347 3671

Municipal Information

Area: 3 834km²
Cities/Towns: De Doorns, Rawsonville, Touws River, Worcester
Main Economic Sectors: Agricultural, manufacturing, tourism, commercial, service

Demographic Information

Population: 166 825
Households: 42 527
Population Growth: 1.31% p.a.
Unemployment Rate: 14.40%

Political Management

Composition of Council: DA 22, ANC 14, BO 2, COPE 1, CI 1, INDEPENDENT 1
Mayor: Ms Antoinette Steyn
Other Members of Council: John Levendal (Deputy Executive Mayor), Margaret Sampson (Speaker), Thys Blom (Finance, Internal Audit and IDP), Arnoldus Du Toit (LED, Tourism and Agriculture), Joyce Mei (Community Services and Social Development), Frank van Zyl (Corporate Services, Communication and Marketing), Elsa Jordaan (Agriculture and Rural Development, and Disaster Management), Sammy Goedeman (Arts and Culture, Environment, and Recreation and Sport), Eileen Sheldon (Housing), Wouter Meiring (Human Resources and Technical Services)

Administrative Management

Municipal Manager: Gerrit Matthyse
Chief Financial Officer: David Mc Thomas
Communications Officer: Johan Botha
LED Officer: Colin January
Other Senior Management: R Esau (Director: Corporate Services), David McThomas (Director: Financial Services), Eddie Delport (Technical Services), Johnathan Marthinus (Director: Community Services)

Financial Information

Audit Outcome Clean audit outcomeFinancially unqualified with findingsFinancially unqualified with findings
Total Net Assets1 542 4081 497 8531 507 202
Surplus/Deficit for the Year44 438(9 233)9 872
Net Cash Flows from Operating Activities122 48868 23875 968
Unauthorised, Irregular, Fruitless & Wasteful Expenditure-3 86823 035

Tender/Procurement Information

Details of tenders are available on the municipal website. They are also published in the local newspapers and posted outside the office of the Supply Chain Management Unit.

LED Activities

Key Projects: City improvement project / long-term partnership agreement with Vittoria Gasteiz in Spain on how to implement long-term plans to develop a green economy as a source of economic development.
Key Investment Opportunities: Various projects catering for residential and retail development.


Municipal Tenders
Municipal Vacancies
Annual Report 2011/12

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Blue Drop Scores

The Blue Drop Scores are sourced from the annual Blue Drop Reports published by The Department: Water Affairs. The Municipal Blue Drop Score is a performance indicator of the overall municipal drinking water quality management performance of the relevant municipality. The score relates to not only the quality of the drinking water, but also contains a risk management measure relating to the ability of the responsible authority to sustain the quality of drinking water and also to deal with any incidents that may pose a health risk to the public. The maximum score is 100 and the target of excellence is 95%.

Green Drop Scores

The Green Drop Scores are sourced from the annual Green Drop Reports published by The Department: Water Affairs. The Municipal Green Drop Score is a performance indicator of the overall municipal wastewater business practice and compliance of the relevant municipality. The maximum score is 100.


Financial Audit Outcomes

The objective of an audit of financial statements is to express an opinion on whether the financial statements fairly represent the financial position of the auditee at financial year-end and the results of its operations for the financial year.

The Auditor-General can express one of the following audit opinions:

Clean audit outcome: The financial statements are free from material misstatements (in other words, a financially unqualified audit opinion) and there are no material findings on reporting on performance objectives or non-compliance with legislation.

Financially unqualified with findings: The financial statements contain no material misstatements. Unless the Auditor General expresses a clean audit outcome, findings have been raised on either reporting on predetermined objectives or non-compliance with legislation, or both these aspects.

Qualified audit opinion: The financial statements contain material misstatements in specific amounts, or there is insufficient evidence for the Auditor General to conclude that specific amounts included in the financial statements are not materially misstated.

Adverse audit opinion: The financial statements contain material misstatements that are not confined to specific amounts, or the misstatements represent a substantial portion of the financial statements.

Disclaimer of audit opinion: The auditee provided insufficient evidence in the form of documentation on which to base an audit opinion. The lack of sufficient evidence is not confined to specific amounts, or represents a substantial portion of the information contained in the financial statements.


Resident Queries

Telephone Number Email Address
Accounts 023 348 2682/023 348 2689
Electricity 023 348 8000
Refuse & Waste Removal 023 348 8000
Roads 023 348 8000
Service Delivery 023 348 8000
Water 023 348 8000